Current Nanaimo CityCouncil

Incumbent Council Members are invited to tell Nanaimo taxpayers why they should be re-elected.

They can explain their thoughts as to the purpose and priorities of city council and how they have fulfilled their duties during their past term.

They are invited to explain their spending decisions which have seen multiple increases in each year which have accumulated to over 20% during their term.


A few questions all members of council should be able to answer, certainly not with 'to the dollar percision' but certainly with some accuracy given they were spending taxpayers money when they approved the expenditures.

  • All-in cost (which would include initial studies, reports and such) for the Metral Drive makeover, the Front Street bike lane,new bus lane etc.
  • The property purchased for the purpose of a new bus stop on Terminal Ave adjacent the Jean Burns property, this would include all property purchased. 
  • The Commercial Street reimagined project, whether it is approved to the point of going to tender or not, but would like to know the estimated cost of this project. 
  • Another major project in the wings is of the magnitude of $123 million for a consolidated city works yard. 
  • The total annual all in cost of increased downtown security, which I believe includes hiring 12 more new, full time city staff as bylaw officers. This cost would include not simply the wages but of course the benefits and cost the city now takes on for pensions etc. On the same vain what is the total cost to Nanaimo taxpayers for our contract with the RCMP and total policing costs.
  • From the archives can you tell me how many tax dollars have been invested in the Wellcox property including the cost to buy out the Seaspan lease on that property.